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"What other skills will you bring to the production?"

I was recently asked this by a production company rep.

I'm including my answer with some explanation here because I enjoy sharing what I've learned along the personal growth journey. As Ram Dass said, "we're all just walking each other home." 

I facilitate and co-facilitate workshops and classes that allow people to become more present and open in their daily lives, which influences their creativity. 

These skills have allowed my acting - and my network - to become richer in quality.  

*A "Limitless" mindset allows us to create from possibility. There's a level of resourcefulness that blossoms from knowing anything is possible.

*Listening, which goes beyond hearing. It's being present. It's taking direction well. Listening includes discernment, especially in regards to impulse versus intuition.

*Conscious communication, which includes nonverbal communication such as shifting energy with presence. 

*Movement/dance/yoga/meditation which is helpful for being present in the body and "in the room". 

*Reiki, which can enhance acting through empathic connection - feeling the energy of an item, person, place.

*Improvisation!  "Yes-and-ing", intuitive and honest choices. This is important for anyone seeking to practice the exploration of the power of their own voice as well as connecting intuition with action.

*Tantric breathing - to embody a powerful essence.

*Singing/vocals - we're equipped with a sound healing tool built within us. 

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