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​​Jamie believes stories are medicine, and chooses projects that resonate based on the team of people she'll be working with, the content, or the character.  ​


She's on a creative mission to inspire, uplift and serve humanity with characters who, despite their flaws, are still worthy of giving and receiving love.

Early on

Jamie has been a lifelong performer, singing and acting since age three.

Theater performance was the focus early on, and Jamie was involved in every play from elementary school, to middle school, through high school. She studied voice and dance (jazz) throughout this time. She co-taught theater at children's camps and toured Rhode Island schools with a theater company that promoted drug awareness. She co-created a short series of sketches on dating violence for her high school, which would be later used in other schools in Rhode Island.

Education and Experience

Jamie received a BA in theater, double majored in psychology and worked professionally in local theaters. She was a founding member of an improv comedy troupe in Newport, RI called the Bit Players,  

A move to New York City in 2007 gave Jamie the opportunity to perform on off-off Broadway stages in Manhattan, and study improvisation at the Magnet Theater.

To support residence in Manhattan, Jamie worked as an Admin for a real estate corporation on Sixth Avenue.


She pursued a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing, yet a traditional career in business didn't seem to fit her visionary ideas and values. She had faith that the right opportunities would present themselves, and interned with a simulation software company.


In 2012, Jamie was offered a role in an independent feature film in New England six months after receiving her MBA, and has continued to make movies.

She put her MBA to use working for an aerospace parts manufacturer, realizing the need to shift to an approach that considers employees' spiritual, physical and emotional needs. The industry wasn't ready to change, yet Jamie found joy in personalizing relationships with her colleagues and customers, and by engaging potential customers and collaborators at industry tradeshows on a "let's cut the BS and see each other as people" level. 

Upon a major life shift, she took a break from both film acting and business to travel to Europe and sacred sites, and learn healing arts. She studied the yoga of awareness (kundalini) at an ashram in Massachusetts and instructed it at Thrive Tribe RI, where she learned and practiced reiki (energy healing). She studied sound healing with gong master Don Conreaux at an ashram in New York. She learned how to become present through a daily breath awareness and meditation practice, and she served as a guide for others who wanted to learn the same.

This new sense of self helped Jamie land the lead in the world premiere of the play, "Me Three: A Guide to New Beginnings", which was performed in Manhattan in 2019.


During the 2020 Pandemic, Jamie played the gong at sound healing events, and created and delivered workshops to empower the feminine. 

She combined her business knowledge and passion for expanding humanity's consciousness with her on-camera abilities to help award winning author, Jeffrey Deckman, deliver his Conscious Leadership online training content. 


Jamie heeds the call of the mountains, immersing herself in nature when she needs to, and runs with the wild women in Vermont and New Hampshire, becoming more of the intuitive, free being that we come into this world as. She credits her connection to nature and intuition, along with a practice of "being present" for deepening her on-camera and stage work.

She continues to share intuitive arts modalities with others and is a working actor in New England.​

She uses her MBA skills to market herself as actor, negotiate contracts, and market her friends' products and services.

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