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Celebrating 10 years

of independent film making.

Here's how to find some of my work:

Watch Higher Methods for free on Tubi HERE

Watch Sheep Skin, a werewolf movie, on Amazon Prime HERE

Watch Frankenstein's Hungry Dead HERE

Watch Family Problems Episode 67: "Mother" on Youtube



Recently wrapped a feature, Maine Noir, written and directed by Lucas McNelly, shot on location in Maine with Director of Photography, Brennan Martignoni. 

Image on the right taken on set in Rockland, Maine by Lucas McNelly in between takes with a lobster, which made its way back into the sea.

Short film Pagliacci, co-written and directed by Tyler Markovich, has been entered into festivals.


View my acting resume here and download it here.

Interested in working with me? Email me at

I am a non-union working actor who works within SAG standards for commercial and film projects.

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