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Ancient Tools For Modern Times

Now that most of the practices I've enjoyed for the last 7 years are a bit more mainstream, it feels like time to "out" myself as someone who can help you or your team achieve results by employing the habits of our ancestors.

I have a small office in Portsmouth, R.I. for small group classes and 1:1 sessions.

Email me at for booking inquiries.

The Yogic Understanding of Sound: It is a tool to help us get out of "fight or flight"/beta brain waves, and into "rest and digest" / meditative brain waves like alpha,  delta and theta.​The gong is the most powerful tool to reset the nervous system, according to yogic philosophy, and metal singing bowls have a similar effect. ​I like facilitating group jam sessions with metal singing bowls, drums and rattles, and the improvised sound takes on a life of its own and brings the participants together as if playing in a band. ​

Cold Immersion

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Making the unknown known.

Finding stillness when nothing else is working.

Bringing back a lackluster libido...

Cold immersion can help with all these things.

A boost of vitality that can reinvigorate your slump.

Ancient people practiced this as part of their day.

Wim Hof made it cool for modern times.

Don't try to do too much too soon;

Sometimes getting your feet wet is a good start.


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