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Want to develop a Conscious Leadership Mindset?

Models and methods only work if you have the right mindset.

Business consultant and award-winning author of the book

The Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century, 

Jeffrey Deckman and I team up to deliver an online training with 52 missions spanning 26 weeks (6 months).

Steve Jobs spent seven months at an Ashram in India that shifted 

his mindset and gave him a broader perspective and an advantage over 

the linear thinking, more narrow minded competition. 

With Covid restrictions, and the unknowns of 2021 upon us, a trip to India isn't something we can really commit to for the next seven months to change our perspective like Steve did.

What if you could take a six month course that could offer you the same advantages,

with none of the "woo-woo"?

What if you could confidently walk into your boss's office - or even your CEO's office - once training is complete and share what you've learned? If not with words then by presence, or perhaps the completion of projects along the way that highlights how effective this course is.

Learn about leading with AIR  - Authenticity, Integrity and Respect - and explore how these values show up your work.

MBA programs don't reinforce personal values, and personal values are not mutually exclusive to your organization's values. 

Employers - Allow your people the opportunity to become aware of how to step further into the values that you are promoting on your company "About Us" page. 

Managers - Learning about the Bigger Know Principles and how to tap into your organization's bigger know will help you lead your team towards greater innovation.

Sages - You're not a manager yet you know that you are here to lead. You know there's a better way to lead and manage. You don't need to work "in business" to take this course, because you'll benefit from the work that you do within your family, your community and whatever line of work you're in.

When you say yes to this class, you will immerse yourself in quests that encourage your reflection and experience. 

I'll be in your living room, office, or kitchen table with you, encouraging your exploration and holding the space for your personal growth as you become a more conscious leader.

You'll dig deeper into yourself and "do the work".

If you're like me, you made a promise to use your Master's in Business Administration for good; a promise to use business for good. 

You know that the people who work with and for you are human beings, not robots, and you want to support their growth professionally and personally, because that is what a conscious leader does. 

This course allows you to tune in, fulfill your purpose at this time, and be better positioned than the competition to handle the unknowns - and the egos of yourself and others!

This course costs less than the average college course and will have you activating new parts of your brain.

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