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"In the beginning there was the word and that word was gonnnng" - Gongmaster Don Conreau

"The Gong is the most powerful sound tool for the nervous system."  -Yogic philosophy


Your event can become even more transformational than you could plan for...

Playing outside, during a performance with Jessica Rabbit of Providence Drum Troupe

How I got into Gonging

I was introduced to gong during a kundalini yoga class in 2016, and would repeatedly show up to class for the 11 minute gong bath. I felt as if each time, the gong would clear away what it needed to clear.

In 2018 I began teaching kundalini yoga, breath and meditation, and in 2019 signed up to learn from gong master teacher Don Conreau so that I could integrate gong into my offerings.

How it's Going

Since 2019, I've had the pleasure of playing all night gong events (known as gong pujas) in Vermont, and shorter events  - private and public - throughout New England and the D.C. Metro area.

I work with athletes at cross-fit style gyms, and use a formula of sound that the ancients believe has the power to reset the nervous system.

During the pandemic, I've made "house calls", showing up to family homes with Tibetan singing bowls, gong, and other drums. It becomes an intimate, immersive experience.

I play with musicians on stage as well - it's a bit more of a casual experience for people who feel weird about something called a gong bath. 

This isn't "hippie sh*t", you guys.

It's not going to give you the "wook flu".

Once you experience it, no matter what it's called, you might want more...

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Playing for the athletes at Jerry HIll's gym,

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A gong bath is an experience

There's only water involved if you want there to be. 


Within minutes it can take you into a state of deep relaxation. 


People I've played for have experienced the following:

  • A better night's sleep

  • New insights

  • A brightness

  • Deeper meditation

  • "Feeling more relaxed"

Some people report seeing colors and visuals. 

The ancients believe that ten 45-minute gong sessions can have a profound effect on the spiritual and emotional body. 

A gong puja is the equivalent to this, and is typically offered twice a year in Vermont at Heron Brook Haven.

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