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The Theater of Freedom.

Each performance may be a bit different...

Speaking is in verse, poetry, or dialogue. maximum sound and visually appealing.

Story unfolds amongst the cast of characters who show up to play and watch amidst the environment they share.

Nobody tells you who to play;

You show up as you are and in your own power.

You can be guided into who you choose to become.

The Role of the Wild Woman. 

The wild woman is a force of nature.

She is both the exotic lover and wolf den mother;

She doesn't apologize for taking up space.

Her no means no and her yes is a YES. 

The drum is the heartbeat that she plays

to resurrect the rhythm in her bones and activate the water in her blood

unlocking the potential of creativity in her hips

with an ahhh and ooo.. 

Her eyes are alive through the fire that sound and movement stir within her.

She flows like water.

She goes to the water

to listen

to pray 

to connect the known with the unknown.

To purify

Her motivation is rooted in activating audiences further into their own truth, for a future where there is reverence for all life and joy is the norm.


When the moment calls to interact with the audience she does.

She knows that sound has the ability to take away what no longer needs to stay, and she uses her drum and other sound tools intentionally.

She leads a group howl session, encouraging those in attendance to get wild and free up their voice to step further into their own personal power. 


Howling has many benefits, and can instantly make us feel better!


Photo by Bill Peresta
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