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The yogis believe there are three minds: 

  1. The negative mind protects us by generating fight or flight responses 

  2. The positive mind creates stories to help us understand potential effects of our choices

  3. The neutral mind is a nonjudgmental observer of the negative mind and positive mind 

Without a well-developed neutral mind, we judge ourselves, we limit ourselves, and we make assumptions that are not based in reality.

A well-developed neutral mind can sift through information, our thoughts and ideas, and help us keep what we need.

Our intuition helps us navigate what's real and what's bullsh*t.


Practicing mindfulness is a way to become an observer of your thoughts and the sensations in your body.


Become present by checking in with yourself WITHOUT judgment. Your task is to become a nonjudgmental observer. 

Connect to your breath. How are you breathing? Is your breath shallow, or deep?

Try breathing slowly and deeply through your nostrils, slowing down to 4 breaths per minute.

Notice cool air on the inhale; the warm air through the nostrils on the exhale. 


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