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When I was 4, my mom wou, upon hearing a recorded song on the tape recorder


0:00 The song I play for the water.

5:40 The divorce story

11:52 The experience of unshaven legs

13:35 Human Design - I'm a Manifesting Generator

16:12 Gifts of learning how things feel in body: Releasing the former lover/twin flame

18:15  I know what I WANT, based on what I want to ___________________

19:19 Singing through a trigger to release attachment - Also how I shift my vibe in traffic

23:23 I have "ADD" - here's how I get clear on what to focus on.


The rest you'll get to know on your own time <3




Copyright 2022, Jamie Lyn (Sousa) Bagley

Westmoreland: A wild woman's collection of song and stories

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