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I offer 1:1 reiki sessions online, as well as in-person reiki attunements for reiki level one.

I also offer online sessions via zoom where we dig into the character you're here on earth to play. Through actor tools, insight tools, ancient tools and role playing exercises, you get to experience becoming your own guru. 

*First and foremost, there's an embodiment of connection to the natural world. In tune with nature, we bring that knowingness to our work as an extension of what's real and alive.

*A "Limitless mindset" allows us to create from possibility. There's a level of resourcefulness that blossoms from knowing anything is possible.

*Listening, which goes beyond hearing. It includes being present in your environment, in the body and with others. It's taking direction well. Listening includes discernment, especially in regards to impulse versus intuition. ​ 

*Conscious communication, which includes nonverbal communication such as shifting energy with presence. 

*Movement/dance/yoga/meditation which is helpful for being present in the body and "in the room". 

*Reiki, which can enhance acting through empathic connection - feeling the energy of an item, person, place.

*Improvisation!  "Yes-and-ing", intuitive and honest choices. This is important for anyone seeking to practice the exploration of the power of their own voice as well as connecting intuition with action.

*Tantric breathing - to embody a powerful essence.

*Sound/Singing/vocals - Anyone can play a drum, and anyone can incorporate creating sound in their practice, as we're equipped with a sound healing tool built within us. 

As Ram Dass said, "we're all just walking each other home." 

Jamie Lyn Bagley photographed by Kindred Otherkins photography

Clip from Caught in Providence, taped in July 2021 and introduced to a worldwide audience in October, 2021.
This is unscripted, from a real-life court room experience, following Judge Caprio's orders to share, sing and howl.


Kundalini Yoga Workshop. D-Lau Photography.
217590148_10219141724229860_499122723266164338_n (1).jpg


The yogis believe there are three minds: 

  1. The negative mind protects us by generating fight or flight responses

  2. The positive mind creates stories to help us understand potential effects of our choices

  3. The neutral mind is a nonjudgmental observer of the negative mind and positive mind 

Without a well-developed neutral mind, we judge ourselves, we limit ourselves, and we make assumptions that are not based in reality. 


Practicing mindfulness is a way to become an observer of your thoughts and the sensations in your body. Become present by checking in with yourself WITHOUT judgment. That's the key - using the neutral mind as the gentle, nonjudgmental observer.


When you judge yourself, you are not being present, you are being a judge. Nobody is paying you to be a judge, so stop that, smile, and breathe in gratitude, thankful that you are not your thoughts!


To be present is to be mindful - you are consciously aware of what is happening in that moment: the sights, the sounds, the reactions in your body. 

Mindfulness is active self reflection - listening without judgment.

  • Observe your thoughts. 

  • Observe your bodily sensations.

  • Observe your feelings.

  • Observe your emotions.

  • Observe your desires

  • Observe your actions

Thoughts become feelings become emotions become desires become actions.

Empowerment comes in knowing that at each step before action, you have the power to change course. 

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires are to be observed. 

You can't press rewind and take an action back. You can however, observe yourself IN the action, and after the action. Be present and reflect upon it. 

With mindful practice and the awareness that you can step in and take control of your mind before feelings become emotions that turn to illness, and before desire becomes action.


If you miss that step, it's OK.

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