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Take off the mask, get naked, put on a costume.

It's almost Halloween. It's time to look at your mask and find a costume!


I hate wearing masks. They are irritating to have on my face. The bridge of my nose rubs against the mask, and it's always difficult to see through the eye sockets. Some rubber masks leave you trapped in a scent reminiscent of wearing a giant condom on your head. No Bueno.

We can become very adept at masking our inner world when really it seems like it's utter chaos that we're containing. While not literally wearing masks in daily life, we figuratively wear them when we hide our attitudes and fears.

We wear masks when we don't want others to know that we're depressed, or that we hate our careers and have been drinking for the last several months to fill a void in our lives.

We wear masks when we don't want others to know the struggles of the relationships in our lives. We show up to work, we make small talk, and we hope to sleep a full night.

We wear masks of happiness on social media with the intent to accumulate enough likes to make us feel good.


I LOVE costumes because they can transform you into something or someone else. A new pair of shoes alone can do the trick and make you walk differently. A new shade of lipstick can change your attitude too.

Why are there so many "sexy" versions of costumes at Halloween? Simple: It's the one holiday that you can wear whatever you want and it's socially acceptable. Why hide your sexy the rest of the year? If you enjoy dressing like a sexy rabbit on halloween, incorporate some sexy into your daily life with a new scent or essential oil that makes you feel luscious.

On stage and in film, costumes are important because they serve as a communication tool to the audience. Costuming can suggest time period, social status, archetype, and lifestyle choices.

OK, so there are masks and there are costumes. So what?

I've experienced these two truths:

  • What we wear can have an effect on how we behave

  • What we wear has an effect on how people respond to us.

In addition and most importantly, there is more to existence than being stuck in a rut.

It may be time for a makeover

If you're not happy with your current situation, take the mask off. Take off your clothes. Stand naked in front of the mirror.

Ask yourself :

  • What is it that I'm hiding from others?

  • What are some changes that I can make today towards not putting this mask back on because it smells like a condom and it's chafing my nose

  • Who am I becoming?​

  • Think about this. A confident, graceful queen? Athena, warrior goddess? A respected manager within your organization?

  • What kind of costume piece can I put on today to help me feel like this leveled-up version of me?

You can introduce these costume pieces into your wardrobe as a reminder of who you are becoming. You can be as subtle as you'd like, and know that these small costume pieces are an investment in yourself.

In time, you will embody what you have chosen to become.

In time, you will not need the masks.

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