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A conversation with my shadow

In 2020 I needed to throw myself in cold water in the mountains.

My "shadow side" was surfacing as I was stuffing it down in the name of "love and light, only".

Until you have dialogue with it, the shadow is the brooding loner in the corner of the school cafeteria that seeks to undermine and destroy you while you're sitting at the "cool" table.

Shadow work lets you dig into the "why" of undesirable behaviors.

By having a dialogue with the different parts of yourself that are seeking connection with your awareness, you can uncover some helpful realizations.

Your shadow wants a seat at the "cool kids table".

Your shadow wants to be seen by you.

Your shadow wants to be integrated.

So take a moment when it seems like you're a barking dog to someone else, and let the shadow tell you what it wants.


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