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About that gap in my business resume...

Hi friends :)

I get asked a lot about "the gap in my business resume".

People want to know how I'm going to answer it, because everyone has a different perspective on an "acceptable amount of time away from traditional employment."

Traditional employment to me means working for someone else in an organization where 40 hours or more of my time is exchanged for a paycheck.

Traditional employment gives an employee health insurance options and 401K options.

Traditional employment requires a weekly commitment and two weeks a year paid time off.

Traditional employment is a commitment.

It's a commitment that can lead to personal satisfaction.

It's a commitment that can lead to mastery of a skill.

It's a commitment that can foster becoming an authority on a subject.


It's a commitment that can feel like a prison sentence.

It's a commitment that can drain the life force out of someone.

It's a commitment that can feel like a toxic marriage.

I needed to explore life and work on my own terms in order to learn what it is that I wanted and WHY.

With this new understanding and awareness of self, I can go forward into "traditional work" knowing what my purpose is - my WHY for being there.

I enjoy sharing my WHAT and my WHY with others, and helping others find their own WHAT and WHY to lead a more satisfying life.


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