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Keep creating.

Our time here is too short to avoid doing what we feel called to do.

Celebrating the timelessness of a friend and fellow actor, Tim Bonavita.

He lost his battle with cancer today.

When I jumped on board his 48-hour film festival project back in 2013, I felt the school girl crush feels that arise from sharing space and time with someone who's talented, friendly, handsome, positive, hard-working, and all around a radiator of good vibes. His presence felt GOOD to be around and he was easy to work with.

Our art lives on after we do, though that's not why we create. We create because there's an unmet need within us to be creating. Some use the term "calling".

Art is timeless, like our souls. Therefore, art is an expression of our timelessness.

The way we treat others lives on after we do, too.

People remember how we make them feel. Memories leave imprints and if the imprints are inspiring, then they will continue to uplift the people and world around us.

Thus, the way we choose to treat others becomes art as well; an expression of our timelessness.


Feel free to watch the 48-hour submission from 2013. The entire piece was written on a Friday night under guidelines given that night, shot on Saturday in Connecticut, then edited overnight and submitted on Sunday.

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