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The art of showing up.

When you make a self improvement investment, it's a commitment to showing up for yourself.

Showing up is half the battle...and it may feel like we're in the midst of a battle that we have never encountered before in this lifetime.

These times help define who you are.

Reflecting on who you are becoming helps build character, as it will inform your choices in the present that contribute to your future.

Since we are all artists, gifted in unique ways that contribute to a greater whole, creating the character we wish to play can become a conscious art form; an oil painting that evolves as you enter into new states of consciousness based in your own experiences (not solely based on what you read or what is told to you), leaving room for more beauty, precision and authenticity with each passing day.

We experiment with new ways of being, picking up new techniques that expand our awareness, informing what we are creating and how we are creating it.

Below is an image created from that shows the Hero's journey by Joseph Campbell.

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